Sunday, January 01, 2006

OOPS: Decidedly Hilltop Errata

It's not one of our patterns, but ones that we carry:
"Flutter Scarf" and "Origami Wrap" by Shibui Knits

Patterns bought before mid-June '07 have yarn quantities using the old Silk Puff put-up. Silk Puff has 140 yards now, so please double yarn BALL quantities on patterns (It will take 2-4 balls for the Flutter Scarf and 4-6 for the Origami Wrap). Yardages, if calculated, should remain the same.


"Tulip Sachet"

Under Directions: right after it says "work the following eyelet row" it should read: "K2, yo (K2tog, K3, yo) 5X, K2tog, K3."


"That Girl Beret"

Round 10-increase round:
Smaller size only: *K6, p3, m1, p3, m1*: 84sts.
Large size only: *K6, p4, m1, p4*: 90 sts


Megans Ruffled Neck Warmer by Megan Wright

Under "Neck Piece" it should say:

1. WS: k3, p14, k3


Two Easy Ribbed Hats by Kelly Krieger

Corrections are to starred sections on the following rows:

Round 9: *K2, P2, K2, K2 tog*
Round 11: *K2, P2, K1, K2tog*

Customer, Kim, brought to our attention that there is an error in the One Skein Wonders Book. While it isn't our pattern, we do have patterns in it, so we will post the correction here. THANKS KIM!

pg. 55
Gossamer Shell Scarf

The cast on number should bt 40, not 20.

9-30-06 - Spa Cloth

The third line of the "body" should read

-(RS) p1, RSInc, sm, K3, sm, LSInc, p1

The fifth line of the "body" should read

*-(RS) work in seek st to marker, RSInc, sm, k3, sm, LSInc, work in seed stitch to end.

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