Friday, January 05, 2007

Comforts of Home

From the success of last month’s Winter Warm-Up, we know that Hilltop knitters (even those who read the blog from far away) are a kind and helpful group. In fact, this could even be said of all knitters and crocheters, particularly if you follow the amazing events on The Yarn Harlot’s blog.
Given this, we’d like to appeal to your generosity and community support again-- this time, for an organization called Plymouth Housing Group. Seattle, like all big cities, has quite a few people who are homeless, and not nearly enough shelter beds or permanent housing placements for them. Plymouth Housing Group creates affordable housing and a support network for those in need, and at the same time, revitalizes formerly neglected buildings in our city, so the improvements benefit all of us.
Hilltop Yarn would like to help out with our own creation: a blanket whose auction proceeds would support Plymouth Housing Group’s fundraising efforts. Susan held a knitting session in the fall, called “Comforts of Home,” in which knitters made the first squares for the project, but we still need more to make the blanket a big and snuggly one. Hilltop has the yarn and the pattern; now we need the knitters!
If you are interested in adding a square to the blanket, come by to Hilltop and pick up some yarn! Let us know that you would like to knit for the “Comforts of Home” blanket, and we will set you up with a pattern and some Cashsoft DK. The pattern for the basic square is also available here, at 5.5 st/inch in Cashsoft. You can knit your square with or without a motif (something that fits the theme of “home”) in the center; we will try to have some patterns for potential designs available at the shop, too.
Again, we have always appreciated our customers' willingness to give their time and expertise to good causes, and we thank you not only for helping out with this project, but for the many things you do, as fiber artists, for the world!
(House courtesy of Clipart Heaven)


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