Thursday, November 29, 2007

Calling all charitable souls

As some of you may know, when I am not shaking a tail feather at Hilltop Yarn, I am a service learning tutor for the University of Washington's Psychobiology of Women class. I am fortunate to be working with three students who are currently voluneering at the Pike Place Senior Center. One of them posed a question to a client of the center. She asked him if he could have one thing, what would it be?
He responed that he wanted to be warm and was tired of being cold. This touched her immensly and she decided that the three of them should organize a drive of sorts. They are collecting new and gently used winter accessories for the seniors at the center. If you have anything that you have intended to wear for the last few winter seasons, but never have this would be a good time to donate. Or if you are out and about and feeling especially generous, knock yourself out. To give you an idea, this center services over 1,000 people. The students know they probably won't get enough for everyone, but that doesn't mean they are not going to hope they do.
I will be using Hilltop as a vehicle for collecting these things. If you are in the neighborhood, or if you're not, drop by and give the gift of warmth this year.
I will be picking up the donation box at the close of Wed, Dec. 5th.
If you have any questions email me at:

Thank you,
Shannon Garcia

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