Monday, August 06, 2007

Gift Knitting

See that look on our faces? That's why gift knitting is some of the best knitting around!

Photo by: Seth Howard

That's Karen, Martine, Jenny, Jesse, Betsy, Kat (me), Teresa and Daphne holding up a group project knit by Hilltop for Jesse and me on the occasion of our wedding! Here we are receiving this lovely blanket at our reception. (Not all knitters involved are pictured.)

It was knit using Lornas Laces Worsted, Cotton Fleece and a whole lot of love! The pattern is from Nashuas' Bloom book which may be meant for babies, but I'm not taking that as any kind of hint. :)

It's been cool enough that we've been able to snuggle under it already! Thank you to the above and to all the other knitters. (Please speak up so I know who all was involved.) We love it.


At 6:34 PM, Blogger smallsmallfaery said...

Beautiful! Are those mitered squares? They line up so well especially considering this was made by multiple knitters with different gauge. Wow, so I'm impressed!


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