Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer's here!

As if Memorial Day going by wasn't enough of a sign that summer's here, today's 80+ degree temperatures totally convinced me. That's why I'm so happy I just finished up my new short-sleeved cotton sweater:

Cotton Fleece

It's from the new Nashua pattern collection, North American Designer Collection #4. I substituted the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for the specified yarn, and I couldn't be happier. Having just 20% of merino wool in there with the cotton makes it easier to work with, plus it makes the lace pattern more blockable.

What makes me really proud of this sweater are the darts I added! The pattern has pretty minimal shaping in it, and I would've had to make a larger size for it to fit. Not wanting to look like I was wearing sack, I made a smaller size and just added shaping where it was needed. A minimal amount of math and two side darts later = a sweater that fits! There's really something about clothes tailored to fit you, you just can't help but smile when wearing them. And really, why go through all the time and energy of making something by hand if it's going to fit you like something pulled off a rack? I have a feeling I'll be wearing this one a lot this summer.

Interested in learning more about darts and shaping? Hilltop resident expert Jule (she taught me everything I know on the subject) is teaching a "Summer Shape-Up" class, Saturday, June 9th and 16th. Check out the Hilltop website for more info.

Friday, May 25, 2007

One of our beloved Hilltop customers, Kim, just finished the most adorable baby set! I love the leg poofs on the onesie! She also cleverly incorporated BonBon yarn for the cute pom poms. A lucky baby will be showing these off this summer!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Originally uploaded by dinahsaurus.

My Kitty Kick Pillow pattern is out at the shop, and I have a little addendum to make. One skein of All Hemp 6 will make the pillow (for hours of kitty violence) and there is enough yarn left to crochet a matching mouse. Boo, the cat who owns the chin pictured here, LOVES his Mouse, and it comes from room to room with him everyday. I can't tell if it's supposed to be dead or his friend! So that your own cat can have a victim/friend, here is...

Boo's Crochet Mouse
  • Leftovers of All Hemp 6 yarn or other tough DK weight yarn (I highly recommend the hemp for pet stuff. It holds up very well to claws and teeth!)
  • Size D Crochet Hook
  • Locking stitch marker
  • Stuffing and optional catnip

  1. Ch 2. In the BACK of 2nd ch from hook, make 6 sc. Mark the last stitch, and continue to move marker up with each round.
  2. Sc in each st around (6sc)
  3. 2 sc in each st around (12 sc)
  4. Sc in each st around (12 sc)
  5. Sc in each of next 4 st, (sc, hdc, dc, hdc. sc) in front loop only of next st (to make first ear), 2 sc in next 2 st, (sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc) in front loop only of next st, sc in next 4 st to marker.
  6. Sc in each st around, going into back loop only on "ear" sts (12 sc)
  7. *Sc in next st, 2 sc in following st. Repeat from * around (18 sc)
  8. Sc in each st around (18 sc) for 8 rounds.
  9. *Sc, sc2tog, repeat from * around (12 sc). Add some stuffing at this point, and then a little catnip. Use a pencil or the end of your hook to push it down into the mouse's nose.
  10. *Sc2 tog, repeat from * around (6 sc). Push in the rest of your stuffing, really packing it in tightly.
  11. *Sc2tog, repeat from * around (3 sc)
  12. Ch 12 for tail, fasten off last stitch by pulling thread through, or tying a knot, and cut.

Pattern note: Sc2tog is made by putting your hook through next stitch, yo and pulling up a loop, leaving 2 st on your hook, then putting your hook through the following st, yo and pulling up another loop (3 st on hook), yo and pull through all three loops on hook.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dressy Dog

For your midweek viewing pleasure, here's Tina (one of our Project Knit and Crochet students) and Jule with a new, extra-fancy springtime doggy sweater in Rowan's Soft Lux yarn. Doesn't her dog just look ready for an outdoor tea party?

Rusted Root

Rusted Root
Originally uploaded by dinahsaurus.
Rusted Root, the vacation project on which I failed to work until the plane ride home, is finished! With some minor modifications, this pattern led to a very charming sweater. It took just less than 3 balls of Cotton Ease in Terracotta to make the XS/Small size. The sleeves are a size small and the body is extra small. I added increases at the hips (14 sitiches overall) and 3 extra stitches and 7 extra rows to each sleeve. The lace pattern was very easy to follow and, as with the other Zephyr patterns, there was no seaming at the end. If Seattle can keep up the summer weather, I'll be wearing it soon!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Knit Night Reminder

It's time to knit again at Half Price Books on Capitol Hill this Wednesday at 7pm.

Bring your current knitting projects and they'll provide drinks and snacks.

Hope to see you there!

k a t

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Hooker Trunk Show

In case you missed our crochet event with Debbie Stoller last summer, there's a new chance to see some of the projects from The Happy Hooker (the Stitch and Bitch crochet book)! We have "Cupcake," the adorable sweater shown here, as well as the "Fat Bottom Bag," by local celebrity Julie Holetz. Drop by the shop to see "Violet Beauregard," the perfect summer skirt, one of the "Bedfellows," and "Orange You Glad," too. Crochet and summer cottons go together like ice cream and hot fudge, so this trunk show is perfectly timed. We have the show until Monday, May 14th. Come by soon!

Monday, May 07, 2007


Congrats to our own Monica Welle Brown for being published in Crochet Me magazine!

Here's a link to her free pattern:

More than an apron
by Monica Welle Brown.

If you like that you should look at her blog, M1 designs, for other patterns.