Monday, August 06, 2007

Penelope Vest

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After many, many months of procrastination, I finally finished my version of the RYC Penelope Vest that I wore in last November's fashion show. It was just in time to see the original one head back to the sale shelf, because the yarn has been discontinued! (and if you liked that vest, it's still back there, ready-to-wear!) Not to fear, though, if you, too, loved the designs in Classic Woman; Nashua Ivy is a perfect substitute for RYC Soft Lux. It's the same yardage, just as soft, and it even has the sparkle. This vest is in Blue Teal, but it also comes in a pretty green, and a purple, and a cream, too. The wacky flowers are not part of the original pattern, but after all that teal ribbing, I felt that the vest just needed *something.* I'm not sure that it needed something quite so bright, but so far, they can stay!


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