Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ball Band Wagon Update

Tomorrow is the last day to guess. . . we've all ready started knintting, have you?

Leave your comment on any post on this blog with your guess as to how many dishcloths the staff will knit in Oct.

Scroll down for more details

UPDATE: Here are the guesses up to this point.

Katie S. - 87 - Katie is knitting for her Mom. What a sweet daughter! (What a SWEEEET gift.)

Fay S. - 72 - Fay is the poster girl for "Don't be intimidated, YOU CAN DO IT!" Way to go Fay.

Barrie - 113 - Who has a mischievous idea as to what we should do with all these wash cloths. . . Seattle look out, you might be getting the cleaning of your life.

Lynnm - 106 - With the cutest avatar I have ever seen. Good luck with that shopping spree, I think gifts of yarn would be great!

ikkinlala- 93 - our first internation guess, We LOVE Canada.

Mrs Fifi - 81- Our second international guess- Betsy's comin' to see you soon in INDIA, baby!

Amy - 142 - be sure to stop by her blog, it's supper cute- love those stitch markers, Amy!

Moraie- a staggering 270 (sets the bar high, that one!) - guessing all the way from the great state of Minnesota- good luck on the sock wars!

Sonya - and even 100- Sonya has the unfair advantage of knowing how poorly I focus on the task at hand.

Stariel- 80- All the way from Boston, ladies! Also a sock wars combatant, who evidently is engaging in hand-to-hand (or foot-to-foot) combat!

I am going to extend the deadline. You now have until the 5th of October to get your guesses in and start your washcloths! You still have until the 31st to finish your last stitch.

Categories are:
1. The person (not a HT employee) who knits the greatest number of washcloths in the month of October. Oh and I noticed before I said 12 repeats- that should be 10, or actually 5 because every other repeat the slip stitch placement changes, so 5 to be exactly correct.

2. The person (not a HT employee) who takes the most creative, aesthetically pleasing, etc. photograph of their washcloth (which may or may not have been knit in Oct.)

3. The person (not a HT employee) who guesses the correct number of washcloths that will be knit by HT employees in the month of October.

4. Special Jennifer Category: The person (who is Jen, the owner of Hilltop) who knits the washcloth that best matches Jen's kitchen. (It's good to be the boss!)

Knit-off challenges are to be set up between any two knitters. You may challenge a HT Employee or another knitter, you agree on the terms, (pattern, length of knitting time, reward for winner, etc.) and we will document it on the blog.

OK, so sign yourself up, leave a comment with
--First Name
--Last Initial
--OR Blogging Identity
--your URL if you have one
--Your Guess as to how many washcloths the HT staff will knit in Oct.
You may participate in all or just one way.

Now for the all important PRIZES!
To be randomly assigned to the winners in each of the first three categories (Jen gets what ever she wants as a prize, again, good to be the boss!)

- Four balls of Rowan's Cotton Rope, three pink, one lavender
-Rowan's Cotton Rope Collection Book

-Eleven (yes 11) darling patterns from one of our favorite companies, Blue Sky Alpacas. Most of them are sweaters, but there are some other REALLY cute ones in there
- 3 oz of hand spun merino

-6 Rebecca Patterns, all supper cute sweaters
- Four balls of Rowan's Cotton Braid in this heavenly colorway!

Happy Knitting


At 5:56 PM, Blogger Wendee said...

No fair Jennifer - you have the PERFECT faucet to model this warshrag on! It looks so turn-of-the-century cool!

At 12:12 AM, Blogger MrsFife said...

My guess for total number of dishcloths knit is...81!

At 5:05 PM, Blogger Barrie said...

My guess for total number of dishcloths knit (altogether) would have to be 113.

As for what you would do with 113 washclothes? Tag the Emerald City with them!

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Wendee said...

Oh my - I just read this again to see that it's the warshrag that best matches JEN'S kitchen! Ah Ha!

I was knitting up a navy/bright green creation today at my staff meeting and one of my colleagues commented on how well he liked it ("Very nice" he said) and before I could stop myself I blurted out "oh, well I have to do a bunch so you can have this one when I'm done." Huh? Well, I guess flattery DOES get you somewhere! And now the bachelor in our office will have a handknitted washcloth! Cool!

At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Katie S said...

So I think that the Hilltoppers will produce 87 dish clothes in October. I satopped by and picked up a couple skeins today so I can get started on some dishclothes for my mom who recently remodeled her kitchen. Happy Knitting!


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