Thursday, September 07, 2006

15 Seconds of Fame

"I found what I believe to be the only yarn at Bumbershoot. Zoomed right in on it. Huge festival, thousands of tents, me staggering around with a sock sort of stunned and Whammo. I find the Hilltop yarns booth. (A true indicator that even under duress, my inner compass points to yarn.) "

-Stephanie Pearl-McPhee- The Yarn Harlot

Here they are, Becky and Jen, holding the famous traveling sock!


At 9:05 PM, Blogger Antyjen said...

Oh Duchess,

This post is a royal pain in the...

I know it's not "all about me" but seriously....did we all really need to see this? Do I look sleep deprived, insane, caffeinated beyond all recognition (yes, I am gritting my teeth and was thinking that maybe I should have brought my night guard) overwhelmed and in awe to be holding the sock? That's me, all that!

Granted, no one looks good from below, but I think we (read: I) look just plain weird. Like what kind of crazies did Stephanie find at Bumbershoot? Hilltop crazies obviously.

Seeing this pic makes me want to do a serious Rip Van Winkle, with my night guard in.

I'll take this one for the team.

At 10:00 PM, Blogger Wendee said...

I love this pic! You two look happy and excited. Ride the 15 seconds! Ride it like the wind!

At 11:50 PM, Blogger Duchess said...

OH, I think you look supper happy to be holding the famous sock. I know, we're always more critical of our own image in photos, but really you look happy. Besides everyone is too caught up in just being jealous that you got to hold the sock, that's all they're thinkging about.


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anna said...

It's a great picture and I feel that Yarn Harlot did a great job with describing your shop and stand at Bumbershoot!

I must admit that those shirts you're both wearing are incredibly cute! I didn't see them in the store when I was there or on your website; do you have them for sale online somewhere?


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